Suffolk & Turley Services

We offer a range of vehicle trimming services

Suffolk and Turley have been in business for over 33 years, and are well regarded as the world's leading vehicle interior coachtrimming specialists.

Our team

Our team has worked at the leading vehicle manufactures, designing and crafting the original interiors and trim. This experience carries through to this day. We use original patterns and tooling, and our interiors will not only be completely original, they will be superior in quality and durability and offer a lifetime of service.


Our coachtrimming skills extend to all aspects of the 'soft' interior and exterior of the vehicle. We offer a range of services including the total interior, which includes the carpets, door casings, dashboard, front seats and headrests, rear seats, gear-stick and handbrake gators, rear parcel shelf and headlining. On soft-top vehicles, we offer perhaps the best re-roofing available anywhere, using only the finest materials and patterns.

We pride ourselves in offering the best available coachtrimming skills and the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. The customer is consulted on all aspects of the interior and we will offer advice and guidance to keep the vehicle true to its original specifications.

Our customer list is extensive, and we provide service to some of the largest and most valuable collections in the world. If you see a classic vehicle with an immaculate interior without flaws, it will most likely be a Suffolk and Turley interior.


We don't expect you to take our word for it, we invite you to come and see for yourself. Why not spend an hour with us at our workshop based in Nuneaton. We can discuss your exact requirements and we would be glad to show you our current projects and how we craft our interiors and maintain our world class quality.

What we can do for you

We can completely re-trim the entire interior at our workshop in Nuneaton, or we can offer a range of self-fit kits that you can replace at your own location. The best thing to do is contact us, and we can discuss your exact requirements, and then we can tailor our service to your needs and budget.

Services available, include

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